How to bet on Parimatch

When the client has his own account, and for betting there are both bonuses and own funds in the account, you can go directly to betting. Bookmaker's office Parimatch offers players different types of bets, but beginners are recommended to start with traditional betting. Familiarize yourself with how to bet on parimatch and what the possible options are. More information on link

The most common variants of the game: singles, expresses, playing on the system.

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Single bet

This option is the easiest and most straightforward. Bookmaker Parimatch Malaysia offers the player different results of a sporting event, but among them the classic results: a net win, total/more or less, bets with handicaps, double results. In this case, the player Parimatch bets on a specific result of a sporting event, taking into account the probability of the result and his own preferences. The higher the odds, the less likely the result.
To make a single bet, the actions of a Parimatch player will be as follows:

  • choose an interesting event in the line (soccer or hockey match, boxing or tennis fight);
  • to choose the interesting exit by the value to click on the odds;
  • to enter the selected option into the betting slip;
  • to pay from own account or at the expense of bonuses.

If the event expired within the specified result, the bet is played.

Express bets

Express bets are popular among Parimatch players. This option involves making a deal at once for several results and events. The odds of all results are multiplied, giving an aggregate odds to calculate winnings.

Parimatch express bet is done as follows:

  • choose events and specific results in the line, click on them;
  • all selected results of at least two are entered into the betting coupon;
  • we select the option "parlay", we get the total odds for parlay betting;
  • we pay and wait for the winning.

The bet will play if all results included in the express are accurate. If one of the results is wrong, the bet loses.

Betting System

System betting is a combination of express bets of the same format, which is made by the Parimatch website calculator. In order to make such a bet, a player needs to:

  • select the event lines, specifying the odds of the results;
  • choose the option "system" in the betting slip;
  • pay.

The sum of winnings according to the system is equal to the sum of winnings of all expresses included in the system. The value of the maximum odd in the Parimatch betting system can reach 2000.

How to bet on Parimatch from your phone

Modern technology allows you to bet on sports from a cell phone. At the bookmaker's office, Parimatch customers are offered a choice of two mobile software, for devices with Android and iOS.

To make a deal in Parimatch from your phone, it is enough to download the desired application to your device, register or log in to an existing account.

The principle of making a deal in mobile apps is similar to the procedure performed on the bookmaker's website.