Betting on boxing

In terms of strength and physical fitness, it is extremely important to ensure the optimal physiological state of the boxer before the fight: whether it is about weight loss, muscle building or any other requirements, the task is to get the fighter in the best shape before the boxing match.

How does an increase in the size of a fighter in general affect your decisions when placing bets on boxing?

If you know how to bet on boxing, then knowing about the methods used by the fighter can significantly help you in making a decision on bets before the main fight. A great example of this is the fight of Amir Khan against Saul ""Canelo"" Alvarez.

Every bettor who was aware of how the weight gain would affect Khan's performance would certainly have made their choice in favor of Canelo.

The main thing in the arsenal of Khan is speed. But he deprived himself of the possibility to use its main weapon, gaining weight before the fight. If the betting players knew this, they could predict that Han would move at a high speed at first, winning rounds quickly, but the parts of his body where he gained muscle mass (his arms) would start to tire, which would eventually stop Canelo's fight.

Due to the lack of basic and scientific knowledge about the effects of weight gain on elite-level fighters, many would have bet on Khan winning a fight against Canelo: any player who was aware of how weight gain would affect Khan's performance would certainly have made their choice in favor of Canelo.

Does this apply to Kell Brook, who moved up to middleweight to fight against Gennady Golovkin?

Moving up two categories and moving Kell to a different weight for a fight with a boxer who had never lost in the last eight years was regarded as a success. If it was not Golovkin, but any other middleweight boxer, then if necessary, Brook would be able to hold all 12 rounds.

The difference between Kell and Amir, who gained weight for the transition to the middleweight category, is that they have different body types: Kell is fast and fast, while Amir is more resilient. That is why, if these two boxers happen to meet in the ring, it is reasonable to bet on the victory of Brook by knockout or the victory of Khan by the decision of the jury.

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Bettors often believe that to gain an advantage, you need to bet on a taller athlete with a wider stance. It's true?

I will say that there is no such thing as a wide rack. The boxer's stance should be wide enough for him to keep his balance at any time. This position is called the correct fighting stance. Some fighters are taller than others, so they naturally have to put their feet wider in order to take the right fighting stance.

It should be wide enough for the fighter to move, turn, dodge, retreat, strike at different levels, control the opponent and perform attacks. If a fighter can perform all these actions perfectly, he has adopted the correct stance. If a boxer has problems performing these techniques, then his stance is either too narrow or too wide. The width of the rack may vary depending on the type of attack of the boxer.