Apexto Mining Review: Is a Scam?



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Apexto Mining Store ( claims to provide quality miners to anyone interested. Some were quite impressed with the prices offered by the store. And this created an issue with some of the members who didn’t receive any miners. Others received faulty miners that failed to work after a few hours of activity. And now, there are claims the store is a clone of another store with a similar name, Apexto Miner. Here’s more in our detailed AEPXTO MINER REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Apexto Mining Store

On the about us page, Apexto Mining Store claims to have been around since 2007. The store claims residency in Shenzhen, China. And this was one of the first red flags we spotted with the store.

Apexto Mining Sells Faulty Miners

The Chinese government has been clamping down on all Crypto products in the country. As a result, most stores and manufacturers moved shop to neighboring countries. And as such, there’s no such credible store that still resides in the country.

With claims of having over seven years of mining experience, buyers took their word for it. The store has a Youtube presentation that tells us the story of its history. We get to hear that the store was once a trading platform.

The store further claims to have been in the Blockchain space for six years. We have a store that claims to have all ASIC and GPU miners available for sale. The store also sells accessories such as graphic cards and mining containers.

Some of the listed miners the store claims to sell include those from leading brands. You get to find Bitmain, Canaan, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. What caught our eye is the PandaMiner brand which is now defunct.

The miner doesn’t create any profitability and offers no sense to the mining community. We have a store claiming to have gold status on the Alibaba chain store. All these are claims seen in the Youtube presentation video.

Before you invest with any store, experts recommend checking the profitability of ASIC Miners. Try and find out the expected profit with each miner and the running cost. Know the algorithm used, efficiency, and hashrate available with each miner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apexto Mining

Apart from claiming to sell miners, the store doubles up as a crypto hosting platform. The store offers hosting services at what they claim are unbeatable prices. However, no one has yet to come forward with proof of mining with their hosting services.

There’s no actual plan tailored to fit any budget. The store intends to provide long-term contracts that, in the end, won’t be profitable. You won’t even get to withdraw funds from such a store.

The store claims to have a large mining farm and a group of crypto expert miners. However, there’s no mention of a single member of the store. We even don’t know the CEO or founding members of the store.

Here’s a closer look at some of the pros and cons found in the Apexto Mining store;

Accessible Miners on Apexto Mining

The store lists miners based on bestselling, stock, and upcoming/future miners. What we found with their pricing model is beyond shocking. The store undersells miners in an attempt to lure investors.

From the video, you would think that the store is a manufacturer of ASIC Miners. The store does a pretty good job of convincing the public about their store. Sadly, the most crucial aspect of the store is missing, delivery.

No buyer has received any miner for the past month. The store fails to give any information as to why this is the case. There’s a reason why the store tries to undersell miners. And that reason is bulk buying.

The store wants buyers to purchase their miners in bulk. And that’s why the prices are even lower than the manufacturer’s set average. But unfortunately, these are the mistakes buyers fail to spot in an attempt to buy what looks like affordable miners.

Another mistake from the store is the failure to produce proof of the miner’s conditions. As a buyer, you have to ask for proof of the miner’s work. A reliable store will provide a short video of the miner giving the buyer a chance to check it.

The video will show the mining unit’s configuration, condition, and hashing. All we have from is their word that the miners are brand new. It would be ideal for checking the miner first before making an order.

Avoid Buying Crypto Hardware Miners from this store: Apexto Mining

Affiliate and partner programs

There’s an affiliate and referral program available on the platform. The store promises a hefty 25 percent commission on all sales. Remember that the store will insist on bulk buying instead of retail sales.

This looks like a credible way of earning passive income as an affiliate. Sadly, the store won’t release any conversion data to affiliates. The store also fails to release commissions to affiliates, leaving them in the dark.

Both the affiliate and the buyer end up losing their funds. In addition, the store fails to deliver set miners even after buyers complete payment. These are the facts that make investing in the store a huge problem.

The store is only interested in the connections of affiliates. Unfortunately, as an affiliate, you lose your credibility and reputation. That’s why no professional affiliate wants to partner with the store.

It would be best to protect yourself and the interest of those you direct. Affiliates must research the store before becoming a partner. Make sure to confirm that the store does indeed deliver miners. Failure to do so, such stores will take advantage of affiliates.

Business owner

Apexto Technology Co., Ltd is the parent company that owns the store. However, there’s no such entity registered by the Chinese government. And that makes Apexto Mining an anonymous store that deliberately hides this information.

The problem with anonymous stores is that most will take advantage of buyers. As mentioned earlier, even the presentation video doesn’t give the founding members’ names. The store is completely shrouded in mystery.

It would be best if you avoided anonymity when dealing with online stores. There’s no telling what the store offers to investors. And that’s why we have to expose its mediocre attempt to fool crypto miners.

Buyer’s protection Apexto Mining

There’s no protection on the platform as one would expect. The terms and conditions stipulate that all liability falls on the buyer. Most buyers fail to go through the terms and conditions of a store.

These are the blueprints that drive the store. First, we see that the store doesn’t even accept returns. Even if your miner gets damaged during shipping, the store won’t cover any repair fees. That’s what makes the store unworthy.

The store doesn’t offer any returns. Once the point of sale is complete, the store won’t accept any returns. That’s why we see their terms as shoddy and seem to put all risk on the buyer. It’s unacceptable.

Contact and support

Despite claiming to be a leading, there’s no direct way of contacting staff members. You have to email and wait for a response. The store might decide to put you on hold or fail to respond.

Will store deliver miners? NO

Delivery problems with

Several issues are found on, and delivery is one of them. You won’t get to withdraw funds from the store. Make sure to stay away from it or risk losing everything.

Final verdict

Please stay away from Apexto Mining.